After my formal studies at the University of the Free State as a teacher in mainly Afrikaans and History, I married and we are blessed with two daughters.

Prior to my career as an artist, I was a teacher for four years and a fashion designer for more than twenty years. As long as I can remember, I was “creating” something.

My career as professional fine artist came through hard work, believing in myself and perseverance. Taking part in South African art festivals and other exhibitions, privately and in groups, led to my “Private Home Mini Gallery”.

I humbly bow my head in thankfulness for His grace bestowed upon me.



Artist Statement

When I’m asked if I could describe my art in just three words, I would choose movement, moment and music.

My art describes a specific moment in time. Whether it is the sun on water, long casted shadows, weather conditions or just the place and people which caught my attention, I feel the urge to capture this moment on canvas.

Whichever topic I choose, it will convey my emotions, my joy or sadness through the colour palette. I was first schooled in sketching and water colour where every branch, leaf or every fine detail was of equal importance.

I’m restless, I like movement, I like to travel, and I love people. That’s why I first started to explore looser expressive brush work in water colours. But the most satisfying, free, loose expressive way to convey the moment is palette knife painting.

The movement of the palette knife on the canvas, is like the rhythm of a song and the richness of the colours represents the music.

Ia Crous