The City of Love and Death: Part 4

When arriving at the Island of Murano, proudly known for its glass-blowers’-skill, you just proceed by foot until you notice the rooster that guides you to the beautiful center. The rooster played an important role in the history of the Bible. Roosters on top of the churches are reminders of their wisdom and knowledge. It is then no coincidence that roosters still play an important role in the lives of many nations.

The rooster is the symbol of a wise man, a sage. Roosters are seen as the holders of deep secrets which are revealed by crowing. If the rooster does not crow, the secret is safe. It is said the the cock crows louder than the hen that laid the egg. When a man is always at loggerheads with somebody else, he is named a cock-sparrow. For the French Cocks Rugby Team to loose an important match, the team is portrayed as a plucked chicken!

Etienne Montgolfier, born in 1763, became internationally famous for the first 8 minute attempt to an air balloon. This failure would be the forerunner of hot air balloons. His passengers were a sheep, a duck and of course a rooster.

And so the first short series of Venice ended. The Rooster of Murano is the link between Venice and the story of Faanjie, our rooster pet.