The City of Love and Death: Part 2

Venice forces itself upon me as an artist where the moment, the movement and the music inspire me beyond words. The buyer, being with a tour group, expressed her frustration, not having time enough to “feel, explore, and take in the ‘hart’ of Venice”. This water color artwork “Balconies”, would be her representation of her memories.

She certainly summarized the emotions of most tourists, because Venice presents itself with sadness, brittleness and subjection on the one hand, but also with unexpected beauty and wealth. But you have to look beyond the obvious and explore on your own.

The city of love and death is coupled with two main emotionally laden colors, red and black. The luxurious finish of the black gondolas reminds people of death, but the red and gold are symbols of love. The gondola was the working horse of the city, but in modern times it is the ‘most expensive, black and gold velvet interior, packet with 6-8 tourists – modern mass tourism.’ A gondelier (still Italian?) singing soullessly “o sole mio”, (my sunshine) maybe two – three lines. So unromantic. You probably know it better as “It is now or never” sung by Elvis Presley.

In THE CITY OF LOVE AND DEATH: PART 3 of the short series of Venice, conversation between the viewer and the artist explores the influence of art on the viewer.