The City of Love and Death: Part 1

I invite you to share with me in the first short series of four parts to travel with me though my paintbox. No other city in the world, but Venice, can evoke all five my senses at once!

You hear the lapping of the water, caused by the vaporetti, water taxis and gondolas, and the romantic love songs. You see movement and reflections of the 600? bridges in the water and also the luscious decay of the buildings and 200 grand palaces along the Grand Canal. The smell, especially in summer of the rotting water of the canals, is countered by the taste of Italian pizzas, wine and small, strong espressos. Only in Venice can you touch glass, velvet and silk, marbled paper, handmade lace, modern fine art and exquisite masks in one day. Don’t forget the feast of expensive linens and clothes, books, tobacco and men’s products and jewelry.

No other city drains me more emotionally, artistically and psychologically. Hop-on-hop-off on the vaporetti and hours and hours on your feet, because you’re afraid you might miss something, drains you physically. You have to look up, for a street name, and to admire the most beautiful old palaces. You have to look in front of you not to clash with a crowd taking selfies. Your eyes are moving left and right to get the perfect picture of a relative unknown Venice. Some of the information, for instance a Hotel, is written in mosaic on the pavement. Looking backwards is the best way to make sure you’re on the right track. And of course, read the plates against the walls , to remind you of all the famous visitors who stayed in this building, even for only a night!

In THE CITY OF LOVE AND DEATH: PART 2 share with us the strong memories of a buyer.