In Search of the Lost Chateau

Artists are familiar with “Indian Yellow”, which was originally made by the urine of cows fed on mango leaves.

When planning this work, I was totally engulfed by the memories of our laughs, the aroma of prepared meals in the small kitchen, the slashing sounds of canal water, birds’ songs in the trees at sunset and the summer palette of the French country colors. In the end, all these emotions and memoirs were transferred on the canvas.

My passion for travel and love for people led to this artwork “In Search of The Lost Chateau”. Our friend, Anna-Rhyna, on the bike in the foreground, was the inspiration. We were six friends boating the Midi-Canal. This was one of the sight-seeing trips on bikes on a Sunday afternoon. Although we could not find the Chateau (after an hour’s biking, clearly marked on the map), we then just enjoyed the French country side.

My artist’s brain interprets what my intellectual brain recorded. Being an artist this gives me the freedom to articulate the scene in an artistic way, to fit my style. This painting is done in acrylic (exclusively brushwork) with yellows and purples as the main colors. These two colors are also complementary and yellow is a primary color.

Purple (and all its shades and tints), is known to be worn by ancient emperors for its luxury and expensiveness. A color that is connected to funerals and some religious ceremonies. The artist can also mix a purple/mauve/violet with two primaries, namely red and blue.

Yellow on the other hand, may be the color that sends out the most mixed messages of all the colors: from powerful to declining in power, from health to sickness, from gold to death. Artists are familiar with “Indian Yellow”, which was originally made by the urine of cows fed on mango leaves.

“In Search of The Lost Chateau”, yellow and purple were the main colors. These two colors would also find their way to my Lavender artworks, whether it was done in oil, acrylic, water color or mixed media.

Until next time, have a yellow sunny and healthy time and experience some wealthy purple moments.

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